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Parent’s Night Out Nerf Wars!

Event Type: Kids Events

Event Info: 6:06pm on June 3, 2017

Nerf Wars – Parent’s Night Out!
Saturday, June 3rd 6:00 – 10:00 pm – For ages 5-12 – Cost: only $20!

4 Hours of Supervised Fun & Activities, Parents drop your kids off at PMA and enjoy a night out by yourselves!!!!

*Kids bring your Nerf Guns and “Ammo if it requires (SPECIAL Ammo)” – Premier will be providing standard nerf ammo for the event but some nerf guns require special ammo (Big Nerf Darts or Disc) So we can only provide ammo for the standard gun type. You can use your own if your gun requires such ammo, make sure your name is on them and keep it in mind you might possible lose some darts, beware we have lots of places for a nerf dart to hide themselves:-)

If you are worried about getting hit with Nerf Darts then the PNO Nerf Wars is not for you! You may bring and wear safty glasses if you are concerned with getting hit in the face, but it’s not required.

No martial arts experience necessary, so invite your siblings and friends!

Call 785-749-4400 to SIGN UP TODAY!



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