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6 Week Women’s Self Defense Course!

Event Type: Martial Arts, Self Defense, Women's Self Defense

Event Info: 9:01am on January 5, 2019

Six Week Women’s Self Defense Course: January 5th, 2018

It might be hard to imagine being attacked, but it happens in Lawrence every day. These attacks occur without warning and when individuals least expect it. It is extremely important for everyone to be prepared for times like these. That is why we take the subject of self-defense very seriously.

By learning the basics of self-defense you help prepare yourself for dangerous and unforeseen circumstances.

During this Six Week Program you will learn:

* Situational awareness
* Vital parts of the body that are easy to attack
* Basic strikes and kicks
* Defenses for the most common attacks on women: Hair Grab Defense, Bear Hug Defense, Wrist Grabs

* Plus a whole lot more!!!

Program comes with a Premier T-Shirt and Pants, ages 16+. If mother daughter team want to attend, ages 13-16 are welcome. Just call to verify before purchase. Teens can handle the course with parent guidance. Any questions, feel free to contact us.

Cost $97 for the 6 week program.

Ticket allows entry into event and holds your place. Please show up 10 mins before the first class for an orientation and to get fitted for a T-shirt and pants.

First Class: Saturday January 5th, 2018

Last Class Ends: Saturday February 9th, 2018

Classes meet once a week; every Saturday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Register online, follow the link below!


Premier Martial Arts
3201 Clinton Parkway Court
Lawrence, Kansas 66047

3201 Clinton Parkway Ct Lawrence, KS 66047